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5 facebook digital marketing tips for B2B companies

When we think social networking, Facebook is perhaps the first site that comes to our mind. With its phenomenal growth, success and popularity, it has become one of the most important social media platforms for businesses to reach out to their customers directly; hence it is an effective internet marketing tool for B2C brands.

Is Facebook beneficial for  B2B companies to boost their reputation and expand their client base? Absolutely!

There are many B2B companies that are using Facebook successfully to establish a healthy relationship with their existing and prospective customers. If you own a B2B company and are still wondering whether Facebook will fit in with your Internet marketing strategies or not then here are five important tips that you can use to support your B2B brand:

Start A Two-Way Conversation:

If you have a Facebook page for your business, you may use it in a more creative way to understand the challenges faced by customers rather than simply pushing out the news to your target audience. You may search on the Internet using the related keywords and use other social media tools such as Twitter to discover the current issues faced by the customers. You can be an effective resource to your target audience by offering informational content and insight that will enable you to reduce their problems and fix any issues.

After you have established a healthy relationship with the people following you on the Facebook fan page, you may seek their advice and suggestions on the content that is being shared. As direct questions to the followers and make sure you take the feedback and suggestions to improve the content and keep the followers associated with the brand.

Develop An Interactive Community:

On Facebook, you can create opportunities for your followers and fans to come together and share their experiences. For example, Oracle has built a community that provides great content, latest news and the fans interact with each other and share their positive or negative experiences, suggestions and feedback directly on this community.

The best promoters of your B2B Company are the happy and satisfied customers who have used your products or services. You can highlight the success stories of your company on the Facebook page and allow the followers to see what other companies have to offer.

Many B2B companies are scared of interacting openly on social media sites because they fear negative comments from people damaging their online reputation. I would say a negative comment also works in your favor, because when you handle it with sincerity and make efforts to solve the issues faced by the person who made the negative comment, the world notices your understanding and appreciates it.

Transparency in business and listening to what your customers have to say (both good and bad) goes a long way in project your company as sincere and trustworthy.

Build A Healthy Relationship:

Many times B2B digital marketing involves the type of commitment that goes beyond simple business transactions. When you make efforts to build relationships with your customers instead of just selling and forgetting, the sales cycles in this case can go really long.

Facebook provides you with a social platform to tell the world who you are and project your brand in the best way possible. As per a recent survey, the customers are likely to buy products from companies that they keep a track of through social media sites.

When you add personality to your brand and give it character, it becomes the most important resource that will be the first call for your followers when it comes to make a purchase decisions.

Promote Outside Content On Your Facebook Page:

You can use Facebook as a medium to share content that has been created in other websites. As a B2B company, you may consider posting the photos and videos from promotional materials or the ones associated with industry events.

You may connect a blog feed with your Facebook page as this will increase the likelihood of the content reaching out to the target audience through other social media channel. Thus, cross promotion and blog connection enables you to reach your current fans as well as the potential clients if the information is shared.

Post Fun Interesting And Sharable Content:

It’s a plain truth – no one likes boring and bland content having a corporate tone. Instead, if you share fun and interesting content about events that your company has hosted or interesting facts about the products etc, your content is more likely to be shared. You may also add humorous photographs to add to the visual appeal.

When you are creative and understand visual appeal and humor, you will increase the chances of your Internet marketing strategies through Facebook becoming more successful.

Contrary to the popular belief, Internet marketing on Facebook for the B2B companies is not just for the large corporations. If you are creative and customer-focused in your efforts, you can enjoy the rewards of your internet marketing campaign and get more long term customers.

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