Itamar Medical Case Study

How we increased a Medical device company’s Organic traffic by 80% in 10 months
seo case study - itamar medical

We began work on Cardio Sleep Solutions (Itamar Medical daughter site) in late December 2017.

The site hadn’t previously undergone SEO Optimization.

On-Page SEO – Begin with SEO Keyword Research

Their brand fell into a niche category (Sleep apnea devices for Cardiologists) and keyword research revealed a select number of keywords relevant to their brand and content, with a varying degree of average monthly searches (lowest: 10, highest: 2900).

We began with keyword mapping and meta-tags writing, which were to undergo another makeover in July 2018 when we added and removed keywords and tweaked the mapping (and carried out relevant on-page SEO updates) which yielded an additional boost in traffic from July 2018 onwards.

Back to December 2017, we carried out a tech report which included some of the following recommendations:

Optimized meta-tags were implemented at the get go, and inner links were updated in several bursts across the time-span of 6 months.

Off-Page SEO – Building Website Backlinks

Simultaneously to all the on-page SEO work, we were also doing significant off-site SEO work and utilizing link building strategies since the very start of the project, some examples include:

How many keywords for SEO?

For the Cardio Sleep Solutions project our total number of keywords was around 65. At our Zero report only two branded keywords were ranked in the top 10 (there were no non-branded keywords ranked at all) and most of the keywords were un-ranked (i.e-ranked over 100).

How many keywords entered first page rankings?

By October 2018 we had 10 non-branded keywords ranked in the top 10 and 8 total (branded but previously unranked and NEW non-branded) keywords ranked in the Top 5 of Google SERP results.

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