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As a B2B company, your ultimate goal is to reach high-level decision makers. LinkedIn is the most effective platform for content marketing in this space. With over 40% of top executives on the site, our priority is to target your ideal audience with confidence and precision using both organic and paid means. 

Inter-Dev helps B2B companies generate leads and build relationships with their target audiences through LinkedIn. We believe that LinkedIn is the most effective platform for B2B content marketing and we prioritize it when considering audience targeting- either through organic or paid means.

Working with LinkedIn ads allows us to

Target professional audiences, zero in on intent, behavior, engagement, and interests, and reach the LinkedIn audience involved in the buying decision.

The advertising objectives on LinkedIn are-

  • Awareness (building your brand)

  • Consideration (get customers to engage with your content and take action)

  • Conversions (lead generation)

The popular ad formats are-

  • Sponsored content (appears on audience feed)

  • Sponsored messaging (engaging with prospects via direct messaging)

  • Text ads (Self-serving ad formats)

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