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Harnessing the Power of TikTok for B2B Marketing: 4 Examples Done Right

TikTok SEO for B2B

TikTok has rapidly become one of the most popular social media platforms and is starting to be leveraged for B2B marketing. It’s an effective way to reach a younger audience that’s often overlooked in traditional B2B marketing.

But is it possible to get the most out of TikTok as a B2B business? We’ve looked into six B2B brands that have successfully utilized the platform to reach their audience. From embracing the existing trends to creating their own content, we’ll explore their strategies and what we can learn from them.

Why Is TikTok So Popular?

TikTok is a short-form video-sharing platform that allows users to create and share videos.

When the app started, it capitalized on a gap left by existing social media apps like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook and allowed users to create interesting, 15-second videos with the enhanced potential to go viral.

It has become the go-to social media platform for Generation Z and Millennials and now boasts over 800 million active users worldwide.

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok emphasizes creativity and allows users to express themselves through music, dance, and comedy. This has made it a top-rated platform for promoting brands and products and driving engagement with potential customers.

What Are the Benefits of TikTok for B2B Marketing?

TikTok offers several advantages for B2B marketers.

For one, it allows them to reach a new and growing audience. While other social media platforms are becoming increasingly saturated, TikTok is still relatively untapped. B2B marketers can get ahead of the competition and reach potential customers before other brands inundate them.

In addition, TikTok is an excellent platform for telling stories. Through its short-form videos, B2B marketers can show off their products and create compelling narratives that engage and excite potential customers.


Finally, the platform is a great way to drive engagement. TikTok’s algorithm is designed to show users the content they’re likely to watch, like, and share. This means that if your content is engaging and creative, it will be seen by more people, leading to more conversions.

Understanding the TikTok Algorithm

Knowing the inner workings of TikTok’s algorithm is crucial for making the most of the platform for business-to-business marketing purposes. TikTok’s algorithm is designed to show users content most likely to engage them. To do this, the platform uses a variety of factors, including user behavior, the type of content, and the time since the content was posted.

The TikTok algorithm also considers the user’s interests and the type of content they’ve engaged with. If your content has resonated with a user in the past, they’re more likely to see more of your content in their feed.

Learn From These Brands Doing It Right on TikTok

Let’s look at six brands that have conquered TikTok marketing. You can use their strategies to boost the success of your B2B campaigns on TikTok.

1. W Hotels Uses TikTok to Boost Recruitment

W Hotels partnered with TikTok  to promote its recruitment initiatives. They used TikTok’s “Stage” feature to create a virtual stage for job seekers to show off their skills engagingly. They invited job seekers to share their best dance moves in 15-second videos, then featured on W Hotels’ TikTok story.

TikTok’s large user base made this a great way to reach young people often overlooked by traditional B2B marketing campaigns. TikTok’s “Stage” feature lets users create custom stages inviting them to share their content by voting and commenting on each other’s posts. TikTok was designed to be a place where users can connect and share, which made it an excellent place for W Hotels to host their recruitment initiative.

2: Westin Uses TikTok to Deepen Relationships with Existing and Potential Customers

Westin is a hotel chain that leveraged TikTok to promote its brand and connect with its audience. They created a TikTok story that featured a “TikTok Tuesday” theme, where they would showcase the best content from brands, influencers, and others that used the #Westin hashtag.

This way, Westin connected with the existing trend on TikTok and used it to promote its brand. They also set up a poll for their audience to decide what content would be featured in the following episodes, which made their TikTok content even more engaging.

3: Orbit Uses TikTok to Engage the Public in Fun Ways

Orbit is a brand that developed a unique TikTok story to reach its audience. One of their most famous videos featured a man in a suit drinking a cup of Orbit’s coffee and using his phone to call a woman. They then made it interactive by asking viewers to guess where the call was going.

This made Orbit’s TikTok story much more engaging and fun to watch. TikTok’s large user base and simplicity made it an excellent platform for Orbit to reach its audience. TikTok’s interactive features made it an excellent place for Orbit to engage with its audience and create something fun while they were at it.

4: H&R Block Uses TikTok to Explain Their Services

H&R Block is a tax prep and financial services company that leverages TikTok to promote its brand. One of their most successful pieces of content is a TikTok story that featured an employee hosting a virtual tour of one of their offices. The video included information about their services and other tax-related topics.

This way, H&R Block connected with the existing trend on TikTok and used it to promote its brand. They also set up a poll for their audience to decide what content would be featured in the following episodes, which made their TikTok story even more engaging.

How Can Other Brands Use TikTok Effectively?

Other brands that want to use TikTok effectively can follow these same strategies. They should make an effort to connect with their audience and use TikTok’s interactive features to make their content more engaging.

They can do this by hosting an interactive tour or asking fun questions, but there are other ways to use TikTok effectively.

The key is to create unique and relevant content—TikTok is all about connecting with your audience and other brands through content. That’s why brands must create content relevant to their brand and audience. They must also create content that’s different from what everyone else is doing. TikTok is all about being unique, so brands should try to be unique in their content.


Utilizing TikTok is a profitable strategy for reaching a younger demographic. But it’s important to understand who you’re targeting and how you want to get them.

Once you know your audience, you can use TikTok’s simplicity to engage with your audience and create content that’s relevant to your brand. TikTok can be a great way to connect with a younger audience and is starting to be leveraged for B2B marketing.

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