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How To Benefit From The Display Network On Google Adwords

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If the thought of using Google’s Display Network on your website makes you grimace let me tell you that you are not alone. Many advertisers view this tool as a cheap alternative to get additional clicks while there are others who see this as an investment pit for the non converting traffic, however it cannot be denied that the amount of traffic delivered through the display network on Google’s Adwords is phenomenal thus making it a potential tool for the advertisers.

It is worth mentioning that the conversion rates for Google’s ‘Display Network’ is not close to what can be achieved from Google’s search network but does that mean that this tool is not useful?

Wait! This is where most advertisers go wrong.

When you apply the correct strategy, the display network on Google Adwords can come across as a very useful method of advertising. Similar to Google search, there are several ways by which you can make adjustments to your campaign and optimize it in order to ensure that you get the optimum results. Here are some easy tips that can help you benefit from the display campaigns.

Choose The Suitable Targeting Options:

When you are launching your display campaign, it’s a serious thing that will impact your business so drop your lazy cap and avoid the default targeting option. Although this might seem like a great targeting option that allows you to gain exposure on a wide range of sites that have content relevant to your list of keywords, it doesn’t give you control over website placements.

As you use this display tool, you will realize that specific website placements perform better than others, hence having control over the specific elements such as landing pages, ad copy, and CPC bids are very important. We would recommend that you choose a mix of contextual and manual placement campaigns.

Tracking The AdWords Conversion Rate:

When running a display campaign on Google Adwords, it is absolutely essential for you to use the AdWords conversion tracking tool which enables you to see the exact conversion rate for all the website placements that send traffic to you. If you wish to get optimal results from your display network campaign, make sure you install the conversion tracking tool.

Create Text Ads That Are Display-Specific:

Most advertisers tend to use the similar text ads that they have created for search campaigns, in their display network campaigns however there is a difference that advertisers wanting to get optimum benefits from this tool should understand.

The target audience of the search ads is actively looking for your company, brand or products; however the people who see the display ads are those who are casually browsing a website and happen to see your banner or text ad displayed there.

Thus, your text ad or banner used in the display network should be compelling enough to grab the attention of the viewers and make them curious enough to click on the link or image to visit your website.

So, fold up your sleeves and put on your creativity cap to come up with ads and banners that people will find worth interrupting their normal internet browsing for. I would recommend that you display some special offers or deals to make your display campaign as effective and beneficial as possible.

Use Banners Of Different Sizes:

If you are thinking of running a successful display network campaign then you should make sure that you advertise your brand across a large number of websites to get maximum exposure. There are some websites in the AdSense network which will display only some specific sizes of banners hence it is important that you use different banner sizes in your campaign.

If you simply create one or two banner types then you will be restricting your campaign from running on several websites and thus the very purpose of your campaign will be curbed.

Remarketing To Stay Fresh In Your Customers’ Minds:

Any interesting feature offered by Google AdWords is ‘Remarketing’ a Display targeting type that allows you to deliver the ads only to those users who have earlier visited your website. This can be used as way to re-unite with your lost visitors and cross-sell to those who have previously visited your website. You may choose to create a separate marketing campaign for these user groups as this helps in keeping your brand fresh in their memory.

Drop Poor Performing Sites From Your Display Network:

Similar to the search campaigns on Google where you can exclude the negative or irrelevant keywords; the Display Network on Google AdWords allows you drop the irrelevant or poor performing websites from your campaign with the help of the “site exclusion” feature.

So make sure you run reports of the display camping regularly to identify the placements that are generating traffic but no conversions. Such sites can be excluded from the list to get the maximum benefit from the display network on Google AdWords.


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