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How to Create Converting Landing Pages

converting landing pages

As PPC service providers we are frequently asked what’s the best way to create converting landing pages. There are many parameters that need to be taken into account when creating a landing page. In this article I will review the main pitfalls from my point of view.


Should you have a pre-defined landing page?

The benefits for pre-defining a landing page associated with your campaign, are that the landing page is where you direct visitors to view your offer after clicking the ad. The landing page has a  big part in the affecting the user’s behavior- if your landing page is built and designed well, you will get more conversions. You have only one shot to make a good first impression, so make sure you do it right.

Landing pages help increase your conversion by focusing on a single goal. Some companies use their website’s homepage as a landing page for advertisement campaigns and it’s not the best decision since landing pages are action-oriented (CTA) while homepages have a lot of information and possible CTA’s.

What is a CTA:

Landing pages offer a specific proposal and usually focus on a single goal, such as:

  • Collecting leads (phone\email)- The most popular goal
  • Signup or download of a service/ newsletter/ software
  • Generating direct business calls (mobile campaign)
  • Online purchase of digital/non-digital offers/products.


The landing page creation process:

  1. Research
  2. Marketing strategy
  3. Create and design

The Research:

This is a critical part that has to be done precisely. In order for it to work, ask yourself the next question:

  • Who are your clients- age/ interest/ economic situation/ gender/ occupation
  • What problem does your product or service solve
  • What is your advantage against your competitors- such as: guarantee 24/7 customer service/safer/ better quality.
  • What trust signals you can use- clients thank you video/ social reviews/ number of sold units.
  • The differentiation of the product- unique value proposition (UVP)
  • What you want it to accomplish- key performance indicator ( KPI)



Marketing strategy:

After you define who your audience is and determined your KPI it is simpler to understand which platform fits you the most. If you’re not sure Inter-Dev PPC experts would be pleased to advise (full disclosure: I’m one of them 😉 ).

Just don’t forget that the landing page is only a part of the selling funnel:



Creating and designing a landing page:

A good landing page grabs the attention of visitors and compels them to complete a conversion.

A converting landing page will be clean and organized, use 2-3 colors (max!) that communicate with your logo colors, keep it aesthetic and simple.

A landing page is supposed to clarify in 3 seconds:

  • What the offer is
  • Who offers the service
  • What is the user value from the product/ service
  • What is the required action (click/ filling a form/ call)

Creating and designing a landing page


  • Page Length

A popular assumption is to keep the landing page short, but in many cases it depends on your product and your targeted audience. In some niches a short landing page will convert better while in some cases long ones will convert more. If you decide to add a lot of text on the landing page it’s important to keep a good spacing between the paragraphs to make it more pleasant for reading.  As well, try to add simple pictures or elements between your paragraphs.


  • CTA Button

A “call-to-action” (CTA) is a clear and understandable request of the visitor that should comprise the primary goal of your landing page. keep your CTA simple, understandable, and identifiable.

Use those principles when creating a CTA button:

  1. Big and bold Button
  2. Unique color
  3. Good copy- “I want to enjoy this coupon” “I want to join the course” “sign me in”

  • Form:

Keep it short, we recommend 3 mandatory fields (usually: name, phone number and e-mail) and if it is necessary up to 2 more permission fields (usually: company & country).

Great tip: keep your label above the place holder and not inside the field

  • Structure

A basic good landing page structure will be:


*This structure won’t fit for all products, there are more structures for landing pages.

Thank you page or pop up

After the user accomplished the action it is extremely important to update and inform him that the action has been completed, for example:

“Thank you for choosing us!  During the next 3 days a representative will contact you with the details.

Meanwhile, you can check our other new product: URL

Mobile First

These days most of the people surf from their mobile device, this is the reason Google approaches the mobile-first  so it’s very important to make the landing page mobile-friendly and test it in different devices. and not only for Googlebot! As well for your potential customers, It is very frustrating filling forms in non-mobile friendly sites. Or worse, finding out you won’t get conversions or mobile impressions because the LP isn’t mobile-friendly.

Use Google tool to check if your site\ landing page is mobile-friendly


I hope this will help you create converting and succeeding landing pages and receive customers from digital activity.


For further reading on getting the most out of your digital marketing activity, check out SEO Audits



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