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LinkedIn is one of the widely used business networking sites, and there are numerous advantages associated with it once you start discovering the possibilities. As per a report by Experian Marketing Services in December 2018, this incredible networking site received about 500 million visits from all over United States and this showed a 40 percent increase in traffic from December 2017. This goes to explain why businesses around the world are trying hard to leverage the benefits of LinkedIn, to get more visitors and leads from LinkedIn.

Regardless of whether you are a business-to-company or business-to-business firm, this is the right time to start using LinkedIn to identify your target market, raise the visibility of your brand and get more visitors to your company page. Here are some incredible strategies that can help you get more visitors and enjoy an amazing experience on LinkedIn.

To start with, you can add custom banners and an influential call to action along with link to your company page completely free of cost. Furthermore, these custom banners directly link back to your company’s landing page for added benefits. LinkedIn allows you to include as many as three different linkable banners to the ‘products and services’ section of your company page, thus you get an amazing way to funnel the LinkedIn traffic to a particular case study, webinar, or other types of targeted landing pages.

Unfortunately many businesses tend to miss their business opportunity and prospective customers simply because they do not find a simple way to link to their website or products/ services section.

Another interesting way to get more visitors to you company page from LinkedIn is by using custom banners that target the landing page. Some incredible methods to use the product banners to get more visitors include highlighting the customer testimonials and linking to a web page on your site, preferably the one that has good customer reviews, promoting a link regarding a forthcoming webinar, sharing new case studies, promoting a video that is related to your business and driving traffic to squeeze pages in order to gather more leads for a new product. Furthermore, you may also use this opportunity to share the other social channels from which you can be reached easily.

It has been rightly said that pictures speak louder than words and this holds true in the case of business promotions as well. You can use LinkedIn as a medium to make it more convenient for companies to reach out to their target audience in a more specific manner. Recently, they have started allowing the firms to customize their status updates to make the more specific and related to industry, job function, seniority, and more. Companies can now attached pictures or files together with links while creating new status updates and this enables the updates to pop out of the stream and thus increase the visibility and click-through rates along with each post.

Once you start understanding the various tools and features offered by LinkedIn and using them efficiently to meet your diverse business requirements, getting more visitors to your company page from LinkedIn will become easier than you think.

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