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Optimizing your Pinterest account to meet your digital marketing demands

Pinterest is one of the most successful and fastest growing social media websites. It was launched 10 years ago and since then has gained enormous popularity. As of mid-2018 it is estimated that there are around 400 million users globally.

Pinterest provides a pin board-style album that enable users to share and organize their photos. Users can look at other pin boards for photos and borrow them to their pin boards. The photos can be organized in collections according to themes such as events or interests. Many researches found out that Pinterest was more effective at driving sales than any other social media websites. The business page serves as a “virtual storefront” and researches have shown that customers who had first visited the Pinterest page spent much bigger sums of money in the company’s website in comparison to customers who had first visited pages of other social media platforms. Business owners can also take advantage of Pinterest to promote their business and enhance the brand.

Here are a few tips to make the most out of marketing in Pinterest:

1. Create a visual “about us” page. Customer loyalty is much higher when the business owners are familiar. You can create a unique visual profile of the business by attaching photos and short interviews.

2. Give your employees boards where they can advertise their recommendations. While you show their expertise you also increase loyalty of your costumers, as they learn more about the employees and feel more personally connected to the business. Another important benefit is that you give your employees opportunity to show their interest and style and be more engaged in developing the brand.

3. Create a board where your customers can share stories, write reviews and give feedback. It can help you increase involvement and engagement in addition to improving your service.

4. Visual affect is much stronger than content’s affect. Always accompany the content with astonishing photos since they are more likely to be re-pinned (borrowed to other users boards).

5. Use the page not only to show your products but also to explain how to use them and provide other useful tips.

If you want to read more about success stories of businesses that use Pinterest and get inspiration for more ideas, have a look at: http://business.pinterest.com/success-stories/.

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