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The impact of online reviews on your local SEO efforts

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Most of us seek online products these days and the best way to verify that we are buying from a reliable source is to check the user reviews before purchasing the product.

Site reviews from real users are important to enhance the credit-ability of your website and enable the customers to trust you and the products or services you offer. You may have a solid SEO strategy in place that draws traffic to your website but if there are not enough positive site reviews on the web you may lose out to the competition. Hence, effective SEO is dependent on the site reviews by the real people in the real world.

Positive and Negative Reviews:

You can greatly enhance the impact of your SEO strategies by improving your presence in the social media, interact more with the existing and potential customers and encouraging them to leave reviews for your website. There’s a profound connection between site reviews and SEO – you may use the search engine optimization strategies to make your website sit pretty on the first page of Google, but this is only half battle won.

If there are negative reviews regarding your website, products or services, then your website ranking in Google can be impacted negatively despite of all the SEO efforts that you put into it. Building trust for your business goes farther than simply having an attractive looking website and a decent online presence. The reputation of your website is also important and the site reviews can make or break the image of your business, hence online reputation management is becoming an important aspect of online marketing these days.

Third Party Reviews:

There are thousands of online review sites and the best example is Yelp and Google Places/ Google+ Local, where customers can find as well as leave important information about business. The customers can share their experiences (good or bad), rate the business on different parameters such as cost, professionalism, honesty, etc, and recommend a business or warn people from trusting them. Good site reviews greatly improve the traffic to your website and boost your business; while negative ones badly impact your website ranking.

Research shows that about 90 percent of the consumers read the online reviews about business before choosing to use the services; and nearly half of the consumers read the reviews before buying products online. In a survey, nearly 70 percent of the people said that they chose businesses based on what other people said about them. Thus, online site reviews have the ability to raise the visibility of a business or enable a brand to gain more popularity.

How To Benefit From A Negative Review

Just like the positive reviews boost the health of your business, the negative reviews can be detrimental to it but a good business owner knows to always see the good side of everything, so there’s a positive side to a negative review and this should not be ignored. When you see a negative site review posted, don’t ignore it or try to simply curb it. But instead, take it like a serious feedback that can help you improve your services and stop other customers form feeling the same thing.

Take the negative remark in a positive way and try contacting the customer having grievance and address the issue promptly and positively. If you are successful in turning around a customer who had earlier left a negative remark, this will boost the visibility of your brand and show you as a responsible company that takes care of its customers and makes all possible efforts to ensure customer satisfaction. Your target audience will recognize your efforts to make changes for the better and this will help you score higher.

How Does Site Reviews Help In Your SEO Efforts?

The user-generated content is an easy and effective way to build up the website content and this not only saves efforts on the part of the webmasters but also assists the customers in their buying decisions. Google gives high priority to the websites that have good content and takes care of enhancing the end-user experience. The user-generated reviews help Google’s bot to index your pages better and give optimal SEO results.

On-Site Reviews and SEO:

You can encourage your website visitors to leave on-site reviews of the products and services that can be incorporated within the target pages to improve the click-through rates, conversions, and sales. Having real reviews and feedback placed in the pages where the customers can see them before making the purchase creates an atmosphere of trust and increases the revenue. Furthermore, you also get SEO benefits of the user generated content as it helps your website rank higher in Google for your desired keywords.

The user generated reviews also help to distinguish your business from thousands of others available in the web that may carry identical product or service description.

Encouraging your customers directly or indirectly to leave site reviews is a great way to boost the business-customer interaction and improve the website SEO.

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