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Tips for optimizing your content on Pinterest

Gone are the days when Pinterest fell behind other social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Today, Pinterest is considered to be the second largest traffic referring source to websites, that said after Facebook leading the way.

SEO and online marketing agencies should not fall behind and make sure they promote their client’s pinterest accounts (and specific pins) within the Pinterest network.

So we gathered a few tips that would help you understand how promoting your pins is actually done-

According to Pinterest, verified accounts have a better chance of appearing at the top of Pinterest’s search results.

Usage of “Rich Pins” can also give you additional points on your way to the top of the search list.

Issues regarding content optimization should also be taken into account-

Pinterest is looking for detailed descriptions- ones that can also be categorized to specific meanings. The description of your pins should include specific mentionings of a product- for instance it’s color, what its made of, sizes etc. anything that can help Pinterest label your item. Not only that, but Pinterest will also give you points if your Pin on the website includes those descriptions as well.

As a rule of thumb, the more people pin the content on your site- the more this content can be discoverable on Pinterest (as it has more voters). So pay attention to the way your items and content are offered to be pinned on your site. you might want to use rich pins for different types of content (articles, images). Make sure you use images that are at least 600 pixel wide.

Personal engagement from your Pinterest account with other account holders is important- you should follow, repin, comment and be socially active so that your account will be regarded as a worth while to refer people to.

by Aia Laser, CEO, Inter-Dev Web Marketing Ltd

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