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Yandex- Gateway to Users in Russia

Home to the 7th largest internet users in the world, and the biggest in Europe- Targeting the Russian market with the help of yandex, has become a key player for worldwide advertisers.

In Russia the popular internet consumers are age groups of 45 and less.

The fastest growing segment of the Russian internet market is the eCommerce market. As radio and publishing are on the verge of disappearance, Internet and TV – are increasing their dominance among the advertisers’ landscape.

Having said that, Yandex- the major technology company, covers 77% of the Russian audience online.

Yandex is known mainly for building intelligent products and services which are powered by machine learning.

Yandex was first introduced in 1989 , its’ portal appeared in 1997, and went public in 2011.

Yandex today is one of the biggest European companies, having more than 10k employees spread over 27 countries around the world.

A few facts-

Yandex indexes the entire web on a daily basis and handles 256M search queries per day!

Other than being a search giant, Yandex holds 18 services (such as being the largest car sharing in Europe). A few of them are-

Yandex App- Alice can navigate between services.

Yandex Browser – the second most popular in Russia.

Yandex maps- serves 46M monthly users.

Yandex.Taxi- leading taxi service in Russia.

Yandex.music- is the #1 music streaming service in Russia.

Technologies at a glance- that were developed in house-


Powerful machine learning and AI.

Allows personalized search results for different users (to match their interests).

Yandex.Crypta– behavior analysis technology. Can create narrow targeting. Used in look alike user targeting.

Yandex Ad-Tech.

Advertising on the Yandex Network.

The Yandex advertising network allows us to target users by titles of pages they visited, the ad copies they clicked on, what they searched for, similar topics they like, their activity on the website and so on.

User’s profile contains hundreds of various characteristics which can be included in targeting criteria.

The system analyses real time data in order to expose users to what they were most interested in.

Yandex allows Search Banners- So, as opposed to Google that does not show banners on the search results page- Yandex does (size 240X400). The banners are mostly used for promotions.


Special attributes Yandex offers-

DSAs – Automated product feed search ads

CPC Banners – Including an option for an ad builder

CPC Video Ads – Can be used without a video. If you have an image ad- the system will monetize the video and have the call to action incorporated inside the video.

Turbo pages – Make special landing pages for promotions.


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