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What is SEO Audit and why is it so important?

What is SEO Audit and why is it so important?
  • Technical Optimization or SEO Audit are the set of technical updates that are required by Google in order for your site to be considered as a “high-quality” search destination result.
  • Failure in meeting Google’s preliminary demands may result in difficulty to achieve high organic search results for your webpages when someone will perform a related search.
  • Inter-Dev offers professional SEO audit services, which are suited for websites of any size or type (from content/news portals, branded sites, ecommerce that are multi-national.
  • Our extensive search audit report will enable you to see the big picture and understand what quality signals are missing from your site and the actual required steps for you in order to repair your search positioning.
  • The goal of a successful SEO-Audit is to set the necessary foundations for your website to rank higher for your keywords.

Our SEO Audit report is tailored specifically to your site and your niche.

What’s included in the SEO-Audit report?

What’s included in the SEO-Audit report?

Technical Analysis and Optimization requirements

  • Technical flaws (404, broken links, detecting pages that are not indexed on Google, inappropriate sitemap syntax)
  • Appropriate setting of 301 redirects, canonical tags
  • Code Optimization - update code for achieving optimized performance
  • Site Navigation structure- Optimized for search engines
  • Language setup- Proper embedding of syntax for different language pages
  • Rich Snippets- recommendations for embedding rich snippets in related webpages.
  • Page speed insights
  • Mobile-First recommendations
  • Useful plugins

Content requirements

  • Keyword research-Including competitive positioning
  • Keyword mapping
  • Meta Tags per page
  • Inner Linking structure
  • Alt Tags
  • Content requirements per page
  • Recommendations for content creation and linking structure
Content requirements

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